HashtagSecurity will be back…

To those of you who actually follow my blog and have noticed that it’s become rather quiet recently – I’m sorry. The reason for this is that I’ve put all my efforts into the new company blog, which is exactly where all my new posts went.

I’ve started hashtagsecurity.com to write about infosec topics and to openly document some of the things I fought with over long nights, be it because they just wouldn’t want to work or because I just couldn’t see it – sleep deprived and all. It is a project that’s very dear to me and I really want to keep it going. But I started something new with LastBreach and like all newborn, it requires a lot more attention than it’s older brother.

So even though I won’t be posting anything here for a while, that doesn’t mean that this place is dead – It’s just sleeping…

The more LastBreach will grow, the more I will get back my free time (hopefully), which I can then, once again, dedicate to this blog. For now, lastbreach.com is where you will find my newest posts and for those of you who already follow me on twitter, please continue to do so as I’m still active there.

But before I lock this place up – I made a promise in one of the posts a few months (again, sorry) back, in regards to upcoming posts on Lynis and its use for pentesters. I’m happy to say, that I will be able to continue this series. So head over to lastbreach.com and stay tuned for more Lynis goodness, amongst other things, and thanks for reading my blog(s).

See you!